Sunday, January 20, 2013

now for the fun part..



looking everywhere. and finding it!  

BUT I'm so easily distracted! Is anyone else like this? I look thru magazines with a purpose
- to find workable items .. arrangements..  colors.. 
and an hour later I've read 3 articles and almost forget what the purpose was to flip thru the pages! 
Then  go upstairs to relieve the dryer of another load and 
start looking for one of the three 4 legged furry babies we live with and then...
hear the mailman so I put on my tennis shoes to retrieve the snail mail 
and find it's turned into a delightful day and I should go for my walk...  
after all it's the middle of winter in the midwest and who knows when another day like 
this will appear.  

Is anyone else this way?  Next time I go to the doctor I should ask!  (will she even know?)
or should I
just take it as it comes..  

This is the fun part!
work 'on a schedule' will come later

has it passed..

maybe I'll find what I'm looking for outside ..

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